Volvo s60 engine oil type

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What is the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule for a Volvo S60? Find maintenance info for your vehicle. Looking for oil change recommendations for your Volvo S60? Look no further than Firestone Complete Auto Care! We are experts in car care — not just tires.

We know the ins and outs of motor oil, too. After all, "Oil is the blood of the engine. It's the 1 thing you can do for your car," says our maintenance technician, Brianna. Check out mileage and month info for your S60 in the above table.

No matter the mileage, your S60 may need its oil changed ASAP if your check engine light is on, you hear knocking sounds coming from the engine, smell oil inside the car, or see an excess amount of vehicle exhaust. You may also need an oil change more frequently than Volvo recommends if you haul heavy loads, drive in dusty areas, adventure off-road, or go at low speeds on long distance trips. In fact, every oil change is an opportunity to diagnose and treat any other issues, such as bad brakes or a failing battery.

Whether you need high mileage oil, synthetic oil, or conventional oil, you'll find the right Volvo S60 motor oil at Firestone Complete Auto Care. Volvo has recommendations as to whether conventional or synthetic oil is the best oil for Volvo S60 vehicles.

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Motor oil reduces friction between engine components, maintain proper engine temperature, and prevent the build-up of harmful substances within the engine.

What motor oils are available at Firestone Complete Auto Care? We stock outstanding motor oils because that's what your engine deserves. Talk with a teammate and consult your owner's manual before picking a motor oil.

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With so many motor oil brands in the market, why do we carry these brands? They are tested and trusted. For instance, when tested in taxi fleets across North America, Quaker State was shown to provide 2x more protection than the industry standard. Pennzoil Synthetics are the most technologically advanced, fully formulated motor oils available and exceed current industry and manufacturer requirements. Then there's Shell Rotella heavy-duty engine oil.

It's made for gasoline and diesel engines that need to withstand rugged conditions, and is uniquely fortified to offer heightened performance in extreme temperatures, increased wear protection, and better oxidation resistance.

For help picking the correct motor oil for your Volvo S60, refer to Volvo's recommendations first. Call ahead to find out how much oil changes cost for Volvo S60s. Get professional engine care by making an oil change appointment for your S60 today. For your convenience, many of our stores are open late and on weekends! Schedule your next appointment today. Engine oil is a lubricant for the moving parts in your engine.

If you're low or out of oil, these parts can grind together, generate too much heat, and cause your Volvo S60 engine to fail. Can I change my Volvo S60 oil at home?Car ran out of oil before next oil change was due and engine was ruined.

Oil light never came on! I think they know this is an issue. Just add a few quarts every now and then. It doesn't affect the performance.

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I use Castrol synthetic oil. Get close to my house and the oil light flashes every time I make a sharp turn. It bursts out 'no oil pressure- turn off for safety' and does this only when I turn.

I pull into my driveway to see it went almost none dry between oil changes every 10, miles- synthetic and I was mortified. The motor could have seized. This was my first warning and had not leaked any oil anywhere in my driveway. Typically if a car consumes that much oil it is usually going somewhere like the ground. No warnings at all. I added five quarts of oil. And started driving to look for a new car.

I had enough issues with the car to the point I was just done. From electrical issues to suspension issues! I never took it to the dealership to get it looked at or fixed but I am calling Volvo tomorrow to tell them. Pick up new car tomorrow. There apparently is a major issue with the Volvo S60 T5.

Not everyone will hit this issue. If they do, it will usually be around the 60kk mileage range when the vehicle is well out of warranty but way before you ever expect an engine from the company with the reputation of Volvo to fail. Most Volvo's are not in this mileage range for this year of car. Most are around 36kk miles.

Volvo has a TJ out on this. They describe the process to identify if the car is affected. If it is, the first thing they will attempt to do is replace the piston rings. For those having their cars serviced by a Volvo dealer, Volvo seems to be stepping up.

Recommended Type of Engine Oil for Volvo S60. How Much Do You Need

For others, Volvo is giving those owners the middle finger. Audi had a similar issue with A4, A5, Q5 cars and they extended the warranties of those vehicles. Why isn't Volvo doing the same? The use of Google leads to quite a few threads on this issue. If your car has not gotten up there in mileage, then you need to pay very close attention to your oil levels.

At the first sign of oil consumption, you need to take it to the dealer and make them fix it. Most likely they won't be able to and the engine will need a significant overhaul.July 2, by: Alexandra M. Also information on Oil Volume quantity and mileage oil change interval. Tutorial on how to change the engine oil in the Petrol engines coming soon!

Click here to see our list of Volvo Maintenance Scheduled Plans and here to see list of tutorials for Volvo cars maintenance. Volvo Recommends Castrol Oil Check your engine oil quantity and viscosity in the tables below :. Note for USA and Can. The instructions in this tutorial will work in the following model years:. I know the dealer use this kind of engine oil for all VOLVO cars, and also other vehicle brands deal with. Driving: most of time moderate. So the engine oil should match FORD specifications??

Sorry if bothering, Kind Regards, Aharon. This information was retrieved from official Volvo Technical Specifications. Your engine should use a 0w Hi Volvo howto.

Checking the oil on a 2012 Volvo S60

Need your help. A lot of places I can see that my Volvo V70 hp modelyear bought in is recommended a Castrol oil. The oil that Volvo recommends is 0W30 from Castrol. How many miles do the car have and what oil have it used so far? Does it burn oil? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What is the car brand treated in this site?

The instructions in this tutorial will work in the following model years:, and Volvo S60, and Volvo V70, and Volvo XC70 and V70 XC, and Volvo S80,,and Volvo XC November 5, at pm. Alexandra M. January 9, at pm. October 4, at pm. November 27, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Type of Engine Oil for Volvo S60 2nd gen

Engine Code. Volume liters. BS — 4. SAE 5WVolvo S60 owners have reported 15 problems related to engine burning oil under the engine and engine cooling category. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Volvo S60 based on all problems reported for the S Excessive oil consumption between oil change intervals. Oil level slowly drops between scheduled oil changes. There are not as certified by ase auto tech and confirmed no external oil leaks or evidence of oil in the engine compartment. This car now has I continue to monitor the oil level now almost daily. I feel this is daily oil check absurd as clearly, per the owners manual, does not nor should not require checking and refilling oil this often.

The car has shown this pattern of lubricant consumption since we bought it. The tailpipes have always had a heavy deposit of carbon since we bought it. I was told that "volvos run dirty' and that it was not of any concern.

volvo s60 engine oil type

Now that I see a technical journel and TSB clearly indicating a problem with my specific car, this explains why. I understand the fact in Volvo assembly switched motor types 62 to 63?

Indicative of a problem or issue. I believe my auto was involved. It is the auto maker's responsibility to ensure a safe automobile with a reasonable amount of maintenance or pm required. The condition my wife and myself have been experiencing is clearly not normal for any auto maker and evidently has existed since it left the assembly line. Thanks for your time in review. See all problems of the Volvo S Please see the attached.

I, and all the other unsuspecting Volvo purchasers I am sure, would very much appreciate attention to this matter. Thank you for your time.The Volvo S60 is a compact executive car manufactured and marketed by Volvo since and is now in its third generation.

The first generation — [1] was launched in autumn of [2] in order to replace the S70 and was based on the P2 platform. It had a similar designed estate version called Volvo V70 and a sports version called S60 R.

volvo s60 engine oil type

The second generation — was released in for the model year and has its own estate version, known as the Volvo V The third generation joined the Volvo line-up in for the model year. The Volvo S60 was released in model year being the company's new generation sports sedan.

Unlike its rivals, the Volvo S60 continued production for 9 years with multiple facelifts. The S60 was refreshed in The exterior was updated with body-colored side moldings and bumpers with chrome linings, as well as new headlamps replacing the original with black housing.

The interior received some updates as well, with new seats, trim, and an updated center console. The S60 went through a final facelift in with full body-colored bumper and door inserts and larger emblem in the front and larger spaced out "V-O-L-V-O" letters in the rear. The interior featured a new pattern upholstery which differs from its original pattern.

Police specification models came about through Volvo's extensive work alongside the users of the vehicles and Police Fleet Management departments. As a result, the Police specification vehicles have a striking difference from original showroom model that sometimes the Volvo S60 is used as police cars. Firstly the suspension was up-rated to deal with the demands of Police work; this included fitting the front suspension of the D5 model variant as the suspension was designed to deal with the heavier diesel engine.

Nivomat self-levelling suspension was also fitted to the rear to ensure correct geometry of the vehicle, regardless of the weight carried. On early models, the clutch was also replaced with the stronger D5 unit. A larger specification battery and A alternator was also fitted to run all the extra equipment, along with a dedicated Police fuse box in the boot. Extra wiring looms are also fitted specially for the Police radios and other equipment, including CCTV cameras.

Additional electrical noise suppression has been added so as not to interfere with the sensitive electronics the police use. The speedometers in the vehicles are calibrated from the factory and do not require recalibration unless the wheel and overall rolling diameters are changed. During — the 2. The — models came with a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission which was no longer torque-restricted.

Other aspects which set the R apart from standard S60s were the large Brembo front and rear four-piston brakes, inch 5-spoke "Pegasus" wheels available as an upgrade to the standard inch wheels of the same designblue faced "R" gauges, standard HID headlightsas well as the Four-C suspension system. Semi-active suspension with Four-C a short name for " Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept " allows the user to select from three modes: Comfort, Sport, and Advanced.

This is accomplished through a drive by wire throttle, allowing the same pedal travel to result in different performance when the appropriate mode is selected, [13] electronically controlled shock absorbers that can adjust themselves times a second, and a complex series of sensors throughout the body of the vehicle.

Volvo collaborated with high-tech system developer Ohlins Racing AB and shock absorber manufacturer Monroe for the self-adjusting shock absorbers. The Rs had three interior color options: Nordkap metallic dark blueGobi light tan metallic and a R-only leather option; Atacama, available for an additional charge.

It was an unpainted, orangey-coloured natural leather with a baseball glove thickness and feel. The S60 Rs have a 0. Another Volvo factory option for only the S60 R was a body kit which included front bumper splitters, side skirts and a rear valance, color matched to the body.

The body kit was only available with certain body colors and in certain markets. The second generation S60 began production in Ghent, Belgium on May 17,with an expected annual production of 90, vehicles. More differences in the second generation S60 include the new large Volvo iron symbol, parallel to the grille LED day running lamps and larger spaced letters in the brand name on rear.

The engine range of the S60 and V60 comprises four petrol engines and three diesels. The 2. Also, a new safety feature named " Pedestrian Detection " available on both the V60 and S60 detects people in front of the car and automatically applies the brakes if the driver does not react in time. The new sedan shows off Volvo's completely new design language already seen in the Volvo XC60 concept. It rides on the same platform as the XC The goal of this new design was to target younger demographics.During the progress I didn't watch my diet or exercise so I'm quite surprised with the results.

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volvo s60 engine oil type

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