Powerlisting omni

Climate Manipulation. Radio Frequency Detection. Death Manipulation. Absolute Immortality.

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Insect Generation. Ammunition Generation. Bulletproof Durability. Decent and Vague. Smoke Beam Emission. Phenomenon Embodiment. Power Bestowal Probably gonna go bribe people into following me so I can give them a power so I can also have it. Despair Empowerment. Divine Element Manipulation. Impossibility Inducement. Hope Killer or something edgy like that. I can negate anything possible by my power so I'm pretty strong. Blattodea Physiology.

Animal Transmutation. Blood Manipulation. That's a fucking super villain power set if ever I did see one. Just call me Blood Farm. My Blood powers are gesture activated, but I can Transmute people with a glare. Social Embodiment.

Order Empowerment. Melanokinetic Combat. Experience Intuition. Honey Generation. Weather Negation. Next time your house gets hit by a tornado, you know who to blame. Dafuks a Carbuncle? Wait, Forehead gem, magic, large ears? Oh no.A tournament with all the universes together.

powerlisting omni

I think we should try it sometime; wouldn't that be fun? Since the events of the "Future" Trunks SagaZeno co-rules jointly with his future counterpart. Zeno is very short and small, with a rather large oval-shaped head.

He primarily has sky blue skin, except for two sections from his ears to the middle of each eye on both sides of his head, which are purple. He has small round eyes, and small rounded grey "ears". His main attire is a magenta and yellow lined coat, with yellow pants and magenta shoes. He typically has a blank expression on his face. In the manga version of the Universe Survival Saga, however, it is implied by Grand Minister that the real reason why he destroyed the aforementioned six universes was simply to get rid of what he felt were too many universes.

He apparently wished to decrease that number further for some time, with the Tournament of Power being the perfect opportunity to do so. Even more, this indifference seems to extend to the gods themselves, seemingly rendering him a remorseless being to his peers, and was shown to not even be affected by Roh 's horrified crying out of his name.

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He also shows some degree of sadism, as shortly after erasing Universe 9, he proceeded alongside his future counterpart to say "bye-bye! At the same time, Zeno is also shown to be flexible, tolerant, and even willing to go back on his word on occasion.

For example, he accepted Bergamo 's proposal to rescind universal destruction were he to win against Gokudespite his earlier decision. He condoned Top 's challenge to Goku as an additional fourth match to be witnessed, despite the end of the Zeno Expo. His flexibility, combined with his childish tendencies, also prompts Zeno to permit what otherwise would be rule violations in the Tournament of Power, such as permitting the Evil Containment Wave and use of the Potara earrings.

However, he does have limits to what he can tolerate. He immediately erased Frost when he tried to attack from outside the ring, and then threatening Universe 6 's erasure to ensure it does not happen again.

Magical Energy Manipulation

To this end, he does not seem to have a problem with physical contact, even with strangers, as seen when he is unbothered by Goku's lively handshake. When his future counterpart gets hugged by Goku, he likewise seems unfazed. His penchant for physical contact with Goku is likely a result of how surgical and formal people are around him, leaving him feeling somewhat starved for companionship. Zeno is also noted for having taken an immediate liking to Goku due to the Saiyan's often similar childlike, innocent, and naive personality in addition to his tendency to get easily excited about things he finds are out of the ordinary.I grow to the size large enough to completely and utterly crush Godzilla with sheer weight.

And Godzilla can't really hurt me due to Dark Wall Generation. I go invincible and Godzilla won't be able to hurt me; I then make him confused AF then widdle him down with my Angel Powers.

Akreious wrote: I grow to the size large enough to completely and utterly crush Godzilla with sheer weight. Considering you're supposed to be the same tier as Godzilla, you wouldn't be able to just squish it. Might be able to win this via screwing with Godzilla's brain, steal his powers, and overwhelm him with draconic might and the powers of the dark world.

Hmm, I don't think an angry lizard is gonna love me too much. Guess I can go h2h with the guy? This could be helpful. Aww yeah! Lizard gets bfr'd or space crushed. I can control the energy of transformation. I have alot of hax this time. I think non of my hax count as high tier hax so that's fine. Blind Godzilla's mind, drop him off into a crazy world with no oxygen, then pelt him with lightning bolts nonstop until his death.

Purgatory Lordship. Paper Transmutation. Dragon Empowerment Godzilla is a Dragon isn't it? Multiversal Force Manipulation This is my luck. Environmental Mode Not bad. Future Mode Nice one.

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Neon Transmutation Cool. Nihilism Embodiment Sounds OP. Placebo Empowerment I don't know what that do. Spam holy balls and darkness blast from a distance. While Goji is trying to dodge or block, teleport next to him.

You could be a hybrid of a Sasquatch and Undine. Temporal Slicing. Fact Manipulation. Dimensional Weaponry. Multiversal Manipulation. So much for the same tier. I can do 4 things here. Psychic Forcefield Generation. Planetary Dystopia Creation. Underground Manipulation. I take a shortcut, and ambush Godzilla with advanced kaiju-sized puppets before essentially seperating him from reality.

Trying one more time. And then I turn into the fork.This article needs maintenance and organization, as it may have become cluttered or confusing. Its heart is in a good place, it's just a little special. Won't you please help out an article in need?

This template will categorize articles that include it into the Clean Up task category. The Omega Beams are powerful optic rays Darkseid uses. Darkseid gets his power from an energy called the Omega Effect. This energy allows him to emit Omega Beams which are powerful bio-electric energy beams that can be concentrated, and fired from his eyes which can lock into a target to ensure it never misses and disintegrate a selected target, however anything Darkseid destroys with them can be recreated with a thought.

They are powerful enough to harm Kryptonians, destroy planets, and fast enough to catch speedsters. Both Darkseid and his father Yuga Khan possess the ability to generate Omega Beams, though Darkseid's Omega powers are inferior to those of her father.

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According Darkseid, his body could not contain the Omega Effect if it could not resist it. The Cyborg Superman has demonstrated a degree of resiliency to them as well. The Omega Sanction, when inflicted on an individual, traps them in an endless succession of synthetic lives, each one more degrading and hopeless than the last. Darkseid has been known to have used this on Batman [2] and Shilo Norman.

The effects of Darkseid's Omega beams in the new DC continuity have yet to change, it still maintains its more lethal processes of hideous atomic dissociation, trajectory arcing and phase shifting on a whim. Both Darkseid and his daughter Grail possess the ability to generate Omega Beams, though Grail's Omega powers are inferior to those of her father. Uxas even found a way to impart an offshot variation of his terrible power unto a clone of Superman he had created to aid him in his conquest and assimilation of Earth 2.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You with ONE power vs modern earth. Thread starter BlindingPhoenix Start date Apr 9, First Prev 2 of 6 Go to page. Dagoron That guy with the face and the eyes.

powerlisting omni

This sounds coo-Wait a second Well fuck WyldCard4 Unregistered. I might be able to exploit this for ransoming the world, holding it hostage for control, but it seems difficult to setup a situation where I can convince people killing me is not the more efficient option.

Kokurokoki said:. The Nomad Not Elsewhere Either. I can sell an unlimited supply of my nervous tissues for experimentation and get rich if I reverse-engineer my power, using it to fund a conspiracy to take over the WORLD! Oh fuck it's almost as useless a power as it gets.

ValhaHazred The littlest murderhobo. I can do a lot of damage but I probably get sniped and or bombed before I get too far. Average Weird Kasukasu. The Nomad said:. BlindingPhoenix said:. You want to take over the world in any way possible. You get one power from the random power generator.

One roll should be more fair. Just as planned. I cure all major diseases, and makes the world a happier place, until i unleash an uncurable plague that kills almost instantly, Then i infect myself with dieseases to prolong my lifespan indefinently and uses all that time to regulate plant and animal life to keep a balance. Liam-don The Sleeping Dragon. I negate my aging.Zeno charges twin blue spheres of energy in his hands that is used to erase anything from existence, including immortals.

Zeno was implied to have used this ability on six of what were originally eighteen universesdue to being in a bad mood. However, the manga version of the Universe Survival Saga had the Grand Minister asking if Zeno was planning to erase some universes again, implying that the earlier erasure of the six had been due to his thinking that there were too many universes. Due to its nature and scope, it is currently regarded as the most powerful ability in the Dragon Ball franchise. Future Zeno uses this ability to wipe out the immortal Infinite Zamasu and either the Universe 7 in Future Trunks' timeline anime [1] or the entire timeline itself manga - though it did not erase those who were native to the timeline but were elsewhere.

This is undone, however, by Android 17 's wish to have the universes erased in the tournament brought back. This technique is absolute, not to mention extremely dangerous, that if Zeno wishes it, anyone from a universe who escaped to another universe would still vanish, no matter where or what universe they went to.

In the manga, it was shown that if desired, Zeno can destroy an entire reality as the Time Ring representing Future Trunks ' world was shattered upon the parallel dimension's elimination. It is implied in the Tournament of Power that, again if he wishes it, Zeno can erase all timeline incarnations of a universe, causing anyone in that said universe to disappear, implying that, as long as a single timeline remains unharmed, an alternate timeline version of the person will not be wiped out Future Trunks and Future Mai were not erased as the present Universe 7 was never affected.

Despite being a part of the same attack, it does appear to have at least one variation of power. When Zeno and Future Zeno began erasing Universe 9, those in the Null Realm were frozen, started flashing white, and disappeared after all of Universe 9 was erased.

There also appears to be three different types of universe erasure. When Future Zeno erased the future timeline, Zamasu appeared to be in great pain, screaming out in agony through the entire technique to the point of erasure. However, during the Tournament of Power, those targeted by the technique were frozen and flashed out of existence, showing that if Zeno wishes, he can cause horrible pain to the victim s as they are being erased most likely to punish Zamasu for what he did to the future timeline.

The third variation is almost identical to the second, except they are not frozen and are able to move and talk. This variation seems to be the slowest as those targeted by it having a relatively large amount of time left to say their farewells, which implies that Zeno can control the amount of time it takes to erase something or someone. This variation was used to erase Universes 2, 6, 3, and Like in the anime, Future Zeno used this move to erase him from existence.

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powerlisting omni

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