Ken miles wife mollie death

But there's much more to the real story of Miles' mysterious death than we see in the movie. The story told in Ford v. This is a narrative of space-race, moonshot-like ambition that was pervasive in s America, except with cars. The story in a nutshell: Ferrari is set to be bought by Ford. But the clock is ticking. And so he needs some help and hires the man he knows can both engineer the hell out of the car and drive the thing: Ken Miles, a brilliant WWII vet with a Brummie accent, who is unbelievable on the track and in the garage, but maybe not a people person.

But in the end, the heart of the movie is its reframing of the tale around the person that really made it happen, yet was ungraciously kicked to the side of history: Ken Miles.

Many lay people know Carrol Shelby. But Ken Miles? In the movie, it seemed odd and almost unbelievable. As it's shown in Ford v. FerrariMiles' son, Peter, who idolizes his dad, is there on August 16, at the Riverside Raceway along with Carroll Shelby to work on the experimental Ford J Car that is being developed so they can have another go at Le Mans next year. A few moments later, we see the car go up in flames in the distance.

It feels almost conveniently poetic, but also, disconcertingly, abrupt. The film then jumps ahead a few months, but never actually explains what went wrong that day.

And so as soon as I got out of the theater, I did a little more research. And then there was this from a story in Car and Driver in where they interviewed a retired cop and Cobras and Ford race car collector named Fred Jones who claimed that Ken Miles had survived the crash and was alive in Wisconsin:.

That was the most Areaesque conspiracy theory I came across. We will probably never know the true reason behind his fateful crash. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Real Chadwick Boseman. Related Story. This content is imported from YouTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

Merrick Morton. The pair had teamed the year before to win the Daytona Continental KM race. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Movies.Ina team of drivers representing Ford did something that had never been done before: They showed the world that American-made cars could be high-performance race vehicles, with Ford taking the first three spots in the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race in France.

The event had theretofore been dominated by the sporty and stylish cars made in Italy by Enzo Ferrari, and beating Ferrari was chief among the goals of Ford. The victory was the end result of a hard-won, years-long fight, and it came in large part from two central figures, racer turned designer Carroll Shelby and his friend and colleague, colorful test driver Ken Miles.

ken miles wife mollie death

Like any movie that's based on a true story, Ford v Ferrari 's filmmakers — which include Logan director James Mangold and Edge of Tomorrow writers Jez and John-Henry Butterworth — took a few creative liberties to make the story more cinematic.

Here are some of the things in Ford v Ferrari that just aren't completely accurate. Early in Ford v Ferrari, the film introduces Ford chairman Henry Ford II Tracy Lettsa gruff, emotionally-driven guy who wants to win at all costs — both to boost his company and to live up to his daunting legacy as the third-generation head of Ford because confusingly, Ford II was actually the original Henry Ford's grandson, not son.

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As such, when the film opens, as executive Lee Iacocca tells Ford II and the audience, the company is in a sales slump the likes of which it has never seen.

Ford II is so upset over the company's fortunes that he halts production on a bustling automobile assembly line to yell at the countless workers to come up with some ideas to save the company Forbes says it's extremely unlikely that such a speech from Ford II ever occurred. It's a bit of dramatic fabrication to demonstrate Ford II's personality — and set the plot in motion — as quickly as possible. One of the big ideas: going after a victory in the Le Mans.

It's just not plausible that Ford II, the guy at the top of the company food chain, would deign to address the rank-and-file. If he felt such a speech was necessary, he would have delegated the job to one of his many assistants or direct underlings. But Refinery 29 reports that, in reality, Ford had a number of more practical and reasonable reasons to go head-to-head with Ferrari on Ferrari's turf. As stated in the film, Ford's sales were in the midst of a years-long slump, and they needed something to make the company's cars and reputation seem sexy again.

Better, faster, and more interesting cars, as demonstrated on an international scale by race car drivers, would bolster sales. Also, if Ferrari did say mean things about Ford II, the latter wouldn't have heard about them via Iacocca — that executive didn't travel to Italy with the contingent of deal-making Ford executives.

In Ford v. This isn't the first time Bale has played a real person — among others, characters Dicky Eklund in The Fighter and Dick Cheney from Vice are both actual people. Sorry, but Batman isn't a historical figure. Bale tends to disappear completely into his roles, gaining or losing tremendous amounts of weight as required to embody that person's physicality, and adopting accents and mannerisms as he sees fit.

But while there was plenty of footage of Eklund and Cheney to study, there was a surprising dearth of research material on Ken Miles. As suggested by Bale's characterization of Miles as a cranky, taciturn fellow, there's not a lot of video of the guy. That meant Bale had to invent his character's accent and quirks out of thin air.

Did Miles really speak with that slight Birmingham accent? It's tough to say whether he did or did not.

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While the two will eventually become thick as thieves as both colleagues and friends, the relationship gets off to a rocky start. The irascible Miles gets so incensed with Shelby that he throws a wrench at the guy, which shatters his own windshield after Shelby ducks.Ford vs.

Ferrari known in some territories as Le Mans '66 is in cinemas now, just over 50 years after the events it depicts really happened as two of the world's biggest car manufacturers faced off at the hour race in Le Mans, France in In the movie, Christian Bale plays race driver Ken Miles, while Matt Damon portrays automobile designer Carroll Shelby, both of whom were real people, hired by Henry Ford II Tracy Letts to design and drive a supercar that could beat Ferrari at the legendary endurance race after Ferrari refused an offer from Ford to buy the Italian company.

Ford failed in this mission in andand so the race was considered by many the last chance for the Americans to win. Shelby's grandson Aaron told CBS News that if Ford had lost that race: "I think Ford would've stopped funding the program, and also, at the time, they were still helping to fund Shelby here in Los Angeles, and building the Mustangs and the remaining Cobras as well.

ken miles wife mollie death

And I think a lot of that could have come to a screeching halt, had they not been successful in ' The car they ended up making was the GT40, which spoiler alert for the film ended up taking the first three places at Le Mans in and then winning again for the next three years. However, whereas the film argues that the victory was down to the driving, the reality was slightly less sexy according to a piece in Wired.

This article reveals that: "In reality, and in the movie, Ford swept the podium at Le Mans not because Miles outraced Ferrari but because the Italian cars all broke down and the Ford cars excelled. The true drama of the race was in the engineering, a subject to which Mangold paid scant attention.

Ferrari's cars weren't just good-looking and quick, they were feats of great engineering. In the movie, we also seen Miles die a few months after Le Mans '66 in a crash during a race where he was trying out the latest Ford car.

However, what the film does not delve into was the mystery around Miles' death, which many have speculated may have been down to a mechanical fault or even a case of Miles faking his own death. A Car and Driver piece unearthed by Esquire interviews Ford race car collector Fred Jones, who said Miles was still alive, saying: "He [Miles] claimed to have been given a couple of million dollars by Ford to disappear… He said they didn't want a badly injured survivor of one of their car crashes to be in public.

After moving to Hawaii, he told me his wife, Mollie, and son, Peter, became estranged and made off with his money. Though this has not been proven, the death has been shrouded in mystery for over 50 years, partly due to Miles' fans not wanting to believe their hero is dead.

For example, a book on the subject titled Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Manssaid of the accident: "That someone would be blamed for Miles's demise was not something anyone wanted to face, but everyone knew instinctively that driver error was out of the question But the car was so severely destroyed by impact and fire, nothing could be proven, and the Ford Motor Company had its image to uphold In the end, all the evidence proved inconclusive.

To this day, the cause of the accident that killed Ken Miles has never been determined. Apart from these minor differences, however, director James Mangold took great pains to make the movie as realistic as possible, including recreating the original racetrack.By Dustin C. Rowles Film August 7, I knew nothing about the story going in, and had never even heard of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race at the center of the story.

He was very good in his own right. Miles was never able to compete in the race again because — as depicted in the Ford vs. His death was only two months removed from his win at the Le Mans.

In either respect, when the movie ended, the first thing I wanted to find out was how close to the true story Ford vs. Ferrari is very! Peter Miles is still actually around. In fact, he attended the premiere of Ford vs. Ferrariand attended a private screening with Christian Bale.

Here he is at the premiere:. Peter Miles also consulted with Bale on the film, at least in a limited capacity, as he told LeMans. From what limited information is available online, it appears that Peter joined his father in the car business, and oversaw the development and production of ten Ken Miles Limited Edition Cobra replicas.

Peter was also an off-road racer himself. Peter, as depicted in the movie, was on site when his father died in the car accident although, he was kept from the immediate scene. It has been a great life out here in California —sometimes controversial, sometimes turbulent, but we have been happy, and when I was asked if I planned to continue living here, I was honestly dumbfounded.

Thank you all for making it so. Click to View and Post Comments.Ken Miles was a British racing engineer and driver who is known for his racing career in the US with the American motorsport teams. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. His birth name is Kenneth Henry Miles. During the war, he was also appointed as a driving instructor at Blackpool, England. Miles loved cars, and he had started riding bikes and driving cars from a very young age.

Inhe was sent off to World War II, which left his apprenticeship incomplete. However, he had worked with machinery throughout his years in the army, which made him a skilled engineer. Eventually, he got into the world of racing. Once in an interview, he said. I am a mechanic. That has been the direction of my entire vocational life. Driving is a hobby, a relaxation for me, like golfing, is to others.

I should like to drive a Formula One machine, not for the grand prize, but just to see what it is like. I should think it would be jolly good fun! However, Ford Executives wanted a photo of all three Ford cars crossing the finish line together. However, because of creating the photo for Ford, Miles lost the race and came in second due to a technicality; as the Ford No. Hence, Ford No.

Miles was cheated out of his victory at Le Mans, and he also missed the opportunity of becoming the only driver to win the Daytona, Sebring, and Le Mans in a single year. The Le Mans team and Ford Motors had to face huge criticism; as Miles would have been the winner of the race, had Ford not wanted him to stage the photo.

Miles had broken several lap records during the Le Mans, including the lap records which he had created himself during the race. Reportedly, the car crashed due to the honeycomb construction, which was supposed to prevent the crash. The car had broken into pieces and Miles was ejected from the car which eventually killed him.

Ken Miles with Carroll Shelby right. Ken Miles driving an AC Cobra. Ken Miles in Le Mans.Kenneth Henry Miles 1 November — 17 August was a British sports car racing engineer and driver best known for his motorsport career in the US and with American teams on the international scene.

He is an inductee to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. Miles was born on 1 November in Sutton Coldfielda short distance from the city of Birmingham. Miles earned the rank of staff sergeant in He was stationed in a tank unit that took part in the Normandy landings in He then turned to a Ford V8 Frazer-Nash. For the season, he designed, constructed and campaigned a second special based on MG components that was known as the "Flying Shingle".

Miles was later disqualified on a technical infraction because his fenders were too wide, thus allowing Yedor and Dean to get 'bumped up' to first and second.

For the season in co-operation with Otto ZipperMiles engineered the installation of a Porsche S engine and transmission in a Cooper chassis and body. It was the second successful race car to be known on the West Coast as "the Pooper", the first being an early s Cooper chassis and body powered by a Porsche power train that was built and campaigned by Pete Lovely of Tacoma, Washington. Miles described himself this way: [8]. I am a mechanic. That has been the direction of my entire vocational life.

Driving is a hobby, a relaxation for me, like golfing is to others. I should like to drive a Formula One machine, not for the grand prize, but just to see what it is like.

Ken MIles starts perfecting ford GT

I should think it would be jolly good fun! With a very pronounced Brummie accent from his hometown of Birmingham, renowned for car manufacturing combined with a seemingly obscure and sardonic sense of humour, he was affectionately known by his American racing crew as "Teddy Teabag" for his tea drinking or "Sidebite" as he talked out of the side of his mouth.

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He became the chief test driver of Shelby-American in Miles had a "reputation for courtesy on the track" and was sometimes called the " Stirling Moss of the West Coast". Inhe shared a Ford GT Mk. Earlier in the year, also with McLaren, he had finished second at the 12 Hours of Sebring. Several months later, sharing the drive with Denny HulmeMiles was leading the 24 Hours of Le Mansbut Ford executive Leo Beebe, desiring a publicity photo of three of their cars crossing the finish line together, instructed Carroll Shelby to order him to slow down, which Shelby agreed to.

McLaren's 2 car crossed the finish line just ahead and was declared the winner. It was rumoured that Miles, upset about the team orders, lifted off to allow McLaren to finish a length ahead. II and, despite reliability problems, showed potential in the springtime Le Mans trials.The different rules in different countries are confusing.

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ken miles wife mollie death

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10 times Ford v Ferrari lied to you

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Ken Miles Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Biography & More

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