Antiques wanted list near me

First Quarter Finance. Selling antiques can prove to be highly lucrative, especially if you have the right item at the right time, in the right place. A variety of factors contribute to whether you truly have an antique and, if you do, how much it may be worth. Another aspect to think about is to which dealer you sell to, or if you should sell it yourself.

Read on to discover what to know before you sell and where to find a buyer for your antiques. Per Old and Sold: Antiques Auction and Marketplace, a defining characteristic of an antique is its age. However, there exists debate about how old an item must be to be considered an antique. The article clarifies that some people strongly believe that the age should be specific. One standard indicates 80 years, while another begins at However, some dealers believe the standard should be 50 years old.

It only identifies the age of an antique at least years old. This definition allows dealers more room in determining if an object is antique since it omits judgments on aesthetic or historical significance. You can have an appraiser or dealer physically inspect your antique and give you a written evaluation. They will ask questions about its history. They will also examine it for manufacturing marks, signatures, color, composition, and condition.

According to Old and Sold, repairing or restoring the antique may lower its valueso hold off until after it is appraised. One other thing can affect its value: supply and demand, so timing sometimes plays a part. American Society of Appraisers suggests asking an appraiser during an initial valuation as to how long the appraisal will be up-to-date. Antiques can raise or lower in value as demand for them changes.

Another option available involves hiring an appraiser. American Society of Appraisers recommends asking the appraiser for a fee schedule and an estimate before having the appraisal done. There are associations that can guide you to credible antique buyers close-by. These associations have stringent standards that a dealer must meet in order to join. In addition to antique stores, there are some other ways to sell your items locally.

If you have antique jewelry to sell, you might consider contacting a jewelry broker who will work on your behalf for a commission. Knowing where to sell used furniture can be helpful, too, and you might also consider contacting an estate sale company if you have numerous items for sale.

Dealers will not pay exactly what your item is worth because they are looking to make a profit; however, you can use your appraisal to sell the item online. Below is a list of the most popular places to sell antiques online. Keep in mind that many of these sites charge fees. You can always take your antiques to those who are renowned for dealing with antiques. A variety of shows aired on television feature shops, trade shows, or competitions involving antiques purchases.When We Buy Antique Jewellery.

Well That Is Easy. Sell At Zero Commision. We are based in Arundel West Sussex. Our store is in the High Street. We have traded from number 18 for 18 years. We are well known in the trade as buyers for investment groups. Our customers are largely unique to us. If you are willing to call or email me David Mattey today I will explain how we provide a better confidential option for sellers.

antiques wanted list near me

To Private Addresses. By we found ourseves in the fortunate position of being able to expand into large adjoining premisis in Arundel High Street. Cash buyers of Fine antiques and historic Militaria are a welcome alternative to online auctions. No wait no commision and most importantly confidentiality.

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Why should your antiques have to pass through several sets of hands when you can sell us directly? If you have established valuations independently from an Auctioneer but favour an immediate cash sale or a second opinion please contact us.


We wish to purchase examples from the following categories:. Chassepot Worth? Colt's Manufacturing Company Worth? Kropatschek Worth? Lebel Worth?

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Lee-Metford Worth?Knowing how to sell antiquesincluding what to do and what to expect, before you approach a dealer can make a big difference in how well your deal goes down.

Peruse the following tips for some hints to prepare you for a successful sale to an antique dealer in your hometown. Most seasoned pros have likely been burned before by people who took advantage of their knowledge in the past. It's quite a slap in the dealer's face when someone takes up their time as a potential seller only to walk away with the item intending to sell it elsewhere.

Do some research to determine the value before you ever attempt to sell an antique. Be sure to evaluate the condition of the piece closely, too, since that has a major impact on how much it will be worth.

This will help you get a ballpark idea of what you might get for the item through a direct dealer sale. That's great. In many instances, it's worth it. Many antique dealers require the seller to state his or her asking price as a starting point for negotiation.

You can start negotiations somewhat above that benchmark to see how high the dealer is willing to go. If you luck out, your item may be something the shopkeeper has a ready market for or wants to add to their collection so he or she will be happy to take it at your starting price.

If not, they will likely make a counteroffer and you can negotiate further from there. The dealer might not be willing to sell it back for the price he or she paid you anyway.

You may be better off pawning the item for a loan at a shop that deals in antiques and collectibles if you need the money and aren't sure about completely letting go just yet. Just know that if you miss a loan payment to a pawnbroker, you'll forfeit your rights to ownership. Part of letting go of an antique is moving on after the sale and not looking back.

Secrets to Buying and Selling Antiques. Read More.Any help finding it would be appreciated. I have been collecting continental porcelain domestic cats for over 35 years. Your help finding any of the model numbers listed below would be a great assistance toward the completion of my collection. If you have one of the domestic cats Mr.

Several years ago I started a collection of letters covers envelopes, for the postal markings, and return addresses, from WOMEN in the U. Military during WWII, from locations all over the world. Condition of the envelope means a lot, and ratty items are usually not wanted unless they are extremely scarce, and I would have to judge that. I started collecting stamps some 75 years ago and switched to collecting covers, the whole envelope a number of years ago, specializing in early Alaska, the Korean War, Collins postmarks and related covers.

I like regular size envelopes as opposed to the long 10 envelopes as they display better.

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But if something is available regardless of size in ones I do not have examples from so be it. I can be reached by writing to Bob Collins, Hall Drive, Westlake, Ohioor by e-mail at bobbybill[at]aol. Thank you very much. My interest lies in the envelope, in nice condition for the postal markings and addresses. If the enclosure is there, that is great, but not necessary. Bird's nest pickle fork. Photo courtesy Heritage Auctions.

antiques wanted list near me

I have two forks that have alluded me for years. One is a Gorham Egyptian Revival old fashion pickle fork. Please see attached photos. If you have one of the pickle forks Mr. It has an adjustable rear sight, small screw on top. Silk screened rider and horse logo on the wood stock. Ronald Beets P.

Antique Buyers Near Me? Where to Sell Antiques Nearby, Online, or on TV

Box Gardner, KS I am looking for a coin-operated dice machine made by Mills and called I Will. It has three glass domes on top of a cast iron bottom with dice under each dome.By Keyword: By Contact Name:. In an effort to provide the best quality and safe service for our customers Antique We strongly advise that you take all precautionary measures when making a sale and contact your bank to verify all money orders and cheques you receive.

In addition, if you are offered more money then the asking price of your item s that you are selling on any sites that is a red flag and a scam which is going on in a variety of businesses so avoid dealing with those purchasers.

Books, manuscripts, documents, photographs on Arabia, Persian Gulf region. Collector looking for license plates from anywhere including bicycle plates from different Manitoba towns. Please check with me you may have the ones I need. Miniature watercolours by W. Mitchell, wanted by serious collector. Wanted, original 35mm Kodachrome slides from the 's and 50's. Good quality only. Subjects, bulldogs, streat scenes, theatres, boats. Fair prices paid. Buying porcelain signs.

One piece or entire collections and other Canadian Advertising. Condition inmportant. Pez candy dispensers and related items. One piece or entire collectioons. Offial Canadian provinces and territories road maps wanted by collector.

Sherriff hockey and basball coins, sprite hockey caps, football coins, hockey and baseball cards and non sport cards wanted. Postcards, tokens, Emphemera etc. Particularly from Port Rowan, Vittoria, St.

Williams, Normandale and Long Point. Beauty pageant memorabilia. Unusual antique hand cranked sewing machines in above average condition and sewing machine ephemera. Large dolls 18"" tall. Also looking for large doll clothes. Peanut and Planters nut and chocolate items wanted. Entire collections or single items. Embossed Ontario beer and menicine bottles. Also pre labelled Ontaro beer bottles.

Old license plates from any province, state or county. Also motorcycle plates, war amp key chain tags, license plate toppers and attachments etc. Nabob and Hudson's Bay Co. Antique and vintage aquariums, fish bowls and all related items, ie.

Ornaments, pumps, fish food tins Tropical and goldfish club badges, medals and magazines.Next time you head up to your attic, it may be worth taking a gander through your hoards of stuff.

antiques wanted list near me

Over time, items can appreciate in value more than you think. So before you toss or donate anything, take a look at this list of 55 items that are worth a lot of money today and could be hiding in plain sight in your storage. Handwoven Persian rugs appreciate a lot over the years—although it takes a long time for that to happen. That rug your great-grandparent purchased may just be worth something now.

Rugs that are more than years old are considered antiques and their price is determined by size, material, knot-density, condition, and design. Julia Child is one of America's favorite chefs, and her first cookbook swept the nation when it was published in If you've hung onto an original copy, you may be in the market for more than just a satisfied appetite—a first edition in good condition with the original jacket is rare and earns top dollar on Ebay.

Duck decoys became highly collectable in the midth century and prices have never been higher for pristine items. If you've inherited one, you could earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars at an auction.

The plush collectable toys that were popular in the s have massive resale value on sites like Ebay, especially if the tag is still attached and the item is in mint condition. Some of the limited edition toys have sold for up to half a million dollars online.

If you've hung onto this popular record from The Beatles, you could be in luck. When pegging the value of baseball cards, the general rule is that the older they are, the more they are worth.

There are a lot of nuances that determine a card's worth though, so if you've come across a hoard of old cards, it's worth getting them appraised. Based on variables like condition, player, and year, a card can be sold online for thousands of dollars. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a pair of Super Bowl tickets back in the day, you could earn a big payout from holding onto them.

Of course, it depends on the popularity of the game, as well. Samantha is one of the original American Girl dolls, and if yours is still in good condition with her original clothes and accessories, it could go for thousands of dollars. There's a real market online for Boy Scout collectibles, such as uniforms, equipment, commemorative items, and badges.

Of course, as with anything, rare comic books hold more value than common editions. In fact, a rare copy could be worth millions. But don't fret: More common books could still make you hundreds.

Not too bad. What it's worth: Up to several million.

Where to Sell Your Antiques

Fletcher of Skinner, Inc. Except for its disintegrated horns—and missing pull string—this toy appears to be in excellent condition, which keeps his value—and charm—high. All the necessary sewing accessories fit into tiny compartments tucked beneath the machine in its green baize-lined a felt- like woolen material case. While at first glance your piece appears to be an s campaign chest, appraiser Christopher Barber of Skinner, Inc. The primary wood material is oak along with some other mixed woods.

Bene adds that the fact that your rack has been stripped and stained has minor impact on its value, because these pieces were produced in great quantity and are therefore not particularly rare. They might hold your pocket change, but old banks hiding out in your home might be worth a lot more.

Though a simple piggy bank might not get you far, if you have something with a mechanical feature, you could be in luck. The Mechanical Bank Collectors of America have been seeking out these contraptions since Looks like being a bookworm could pay off. If you happen to have a first edition of a popular book, it could net you thousands of dollars.Copyright Contact: webmaster antiques. Home Find. What was once created using stone, wood, and bone has, over the centuries, evolved into metalworking and modern-day plastics.

But it is the earliest tools, those carved from stone, which allowed mankind to conquer the natural environment and to prosper.

Holding this flint arrowhead in our hand, delicately carved to a fine point thousands of years ago, we are holding the nascent breath of civilization. Tools allowed mankind to utilize his natural setting to its fullest potential, to altar the surroundings to suite his needs, and to create his own collective habitats that would eventually evolve into great cities. An arrowhead head like this one, when tied securely to a wooden shaft, could have been used to fell a fleeing prey or to spear a fish.

As well, the delicate serrated edge could be used to cut and prepare the meat for cooking. This stone arrowhead represents the innate human drive to altar the environment, to innovate, and to conquer. It is in these earliest tools that we are able to witness the birth of civilization. From such tools, mankind learned to carve stones and rocks into new shapes and forms that suited the needs of the people evolving from arrowheads to temples.

The decoration going around he top outside is either a seashell or a snail.

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This same decoration is on the bottom inside of the tea bow. Their are several slight hairlines on the cup. Good Display piece and priced to sell. Condition: Good; Circa: s; Heigth: ; Width:.

American glass paperweight inspires Auditorium Building, in Chicago, Illinois, noted on the image in fine print, secured with brown leather. Charming Glass Paperweight, in excellent condition, normal wear.

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It is Unique, and memorable! Excellent Condition. No chips, cracks or scratches. Frosted Coins - Date More pieces available. Fine Konigsberg pewter plate. Hallmarks are faded but distinct. Some surface etching, still maintains high shine on exterior rim.

Biederman Simplex Price : Contact Dealer. The paper print on the plaque has some scuff marks. The plaque is made of nice carved wood. The plaque has some historical description in the back. The plaque hangs on the wall.

The plaque measures 9. There is some wrinkling on the print. A Decorative Italian Commode. This decorative Italian commode is wonderful for so many designs! It has a gorgeous bombe shape and the hand painted floral scenes are on every panel and the top.


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